Custom software (Windows/Web/Movil)

Custom development

Methodology and working technologies used


The Sábat development team has successfully implemented the “Scrum” work methodology, it is a process that includes the application of good practices to work collaboratively in a team and achieve the best possible result in all stages of the projects.

Currently the Sábat team works with the following technologies

  • Platform .Net
    • WebForms
    • MVC
  • Languages
    • ASP
    • C#
    • Visual Basic
    • Python
    • JavaScript
    • Ajax
  • Databases
    • Sql Server
    • Mysql


Windows Platform

These are applications that run on the Windows operating system in any of its versions.

Web Platform

They are cutting edge applications that allow access to platforms through any web browser with a predefined URL and from any operating system.

Mobile Apps

They are applications that work only on a cell phone, popularly known as ``APP``


They are applications that act as intermediaries between two or more applications that transport information through Webservices in a unidirectional or bidirectional way


To provide solutions for your company, we offer software adapted to your needs on any of the typical platforms currently used in the world.


Web solutions are offered, in which the software runs in a “browsing” environment, using typical Internet browsers for this purpose:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome

Web-oriented software, when working within “browsers”, has a graphical interface according to this situation, it does not display multiple windows, but the typical system of “links” and “buttons” is used to access and use the various options.
Today, this type of solution is sought mainly for the main advantage of being able to access it from any computer that has the Internet and a browser available.

Mobile devices
In addition, web software today can also support mobile devices (mobile/tablet/ipad/etc)
Technically speaking, the Software is the same, but it adapts a special graphic interface to facilitate access to the application from these mobile devices, these settings are due to the fact that these devices are small and they use the “touch” system, to which the interface must be adjusted.

Backups and security
Electronic invoicing