We are a company dedicated to the development of software and IT infrastructure, where we combine the two worlds to meet the needs of our customers, offering innovative solutions for medium and large companies, both in the public and private sectors.


We are dedicated to understanding the customer’s need to resolve obstacles and challenges in a timely manner. We are a young team, with experience in the IT field, oriented to grow and optimize business requirements.

About us

Electronic invoicing

Discover our solutions adapted to the needs of the company.

Custom development

Methodology and working technologies used


The Sábat development team has successfully implemented the “Scrum” work methodology, it is a process that includes the application of good practices to work collaboratively in a team and achieve the best possible result in all stages of the projects.

Currently the Sábat team works with the following technologies:

  • .Net Platform
    • WebForms
    • MVC
  • Languages
    • ASP
    • C#
    • Visual Basic
    • Python
    • JavaScript
    • Ajax
  • Data Bases
    • Sql Server
    • Mysql


Windows Platform

These are applications that run on the Windows operating system in any of its versions.

Web Platform

They are cutting edge applications that allow access to platforms through any web browser with a predefined URL and from any operating system.

Mobile Apps

They are applications that work only on a cell phone, popularly known as ``APP``.


They are applications that act as intermediaries between two or more applications that transport information through WebServices in a unidirectional or bidirectional way.

Our service is differentiated by:

High response rates






Dynamic working group


Sabat – Computer Support, Software Development.

Sabat – Computer Support, Software Development.

Sabat – Computer Support, Software Development Montevideo Uruguay.

¿Qué opinan nuestros clientes?

“Sabat quickly understood our requirements and added value through suggestions, appropriate solutions and quick service. The support received was timely and efficient ”

Mauricio Geymonat


“They offer an excellent service with constant communication. They met our demands in a timely manner. Any doubts that arise, work together to resolve it and obtain the product we need ”

German Montero


“I highlight the excellent communication and quick response they gave to our consultations.”

Rosario Rodriguez


“We value the good service they offered us and the speed of it, they were aligned with the business and offered us excellent professional service.”

Mauricio Grilli


“They offered us an agile support in the infrastructure and we have customized software with which we manage the company's costs“

Alberto Douek


Management of work teams

Meet our managers from the software and services divisions.
Christian Sábat
Director - Software Development

Juan Carlos Barrios
Director - IT Services

Business Products

Oriental Management

The best solution for the integral management of your company.

  • Oriental Management
  • Oriental Lab

    Comprehensive production management for your chemical laboratory.

  • Oriental Lab
    • Alliances