Cloud Services

Cloud Services

The public cloud is created to solve problems that occur in the IT department when maintaining an infrastructure or providing new services. When we think about it, we think about the necessary equipment, its warranty, maintenance, security of the devices, conditioning of the computer center, backups, high availability of services, contingency and many other things. All of this can take months to be implemented locally, with a very high initial investment cost. In many cases, the company also has other demands and needs faster and safer solutions with a lower initial investment.

Public cloud providers have large computing centers, with high availability and distribution in different parts of the world, which guarantees their availability of services and can provide service quickly.

The public cloud offers groups of resources, which present different forms of service:

Infrastructure as a Service

This service manages the servers, storage and networks on which the platform will be deployed.

Platform as a Service

This service offers a previously configured environment, in which they can dedicate themselves to building their applications, without worrying about infrastructure resources.

Software as a Service

This service serves to consume an application that is already hosted in the cloud, without managing the infrastructure or the platform. An example is Office 365.

Within each of them, we can find different products and solutions that adapt to the needs of each company.


The purpose of this service is to advise and show the customer which is the best solution to carry part or all of the company in the cloud, with monitoring throughout the process.

  • Elasticity

    Easy provisioning of resources to support loads at important times.

  • Interface and simple administration

    The use and configuration of the services are designed for all types of users.

  • Failure isolation

    A general service failure does not affect other services, preventing critical failures for the company.

  • Enhanced data protection

    Data protection is based on international standards. We can have high availability of services and contingencies in different parts of the world.

  • Remote access

    Access to cloud services is available anywhere, from a portal that we access only by having access to the Internet.

  • Centralized systems administration

    From a portal, we can manage all of our services.

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