Security and backups

Security and backups

This Service is focused on the good use of backup tools, the application of good practices, the making of reports, and the execution of the necessary controls so that the company's information is available at any time.

The activities carried out are:

  • Analysis of application recovery times in case of system inactivity.
  • Analysis of operational and financial impacts resulting from the loss of business functions.
  • Assessment of data and technological needs in the event of operational failure.
  • Design of a contingency strategy. This should include information backup and recovery procedures, definition of resources to be used during the contingency (infrastructure, human and material resources) and the procedure for recovering operations.
  • Control of the execution of the backup and recovery system.
  • Review of the contingency plan and conducting efficacy testing simulations.
  • We subsequently audit and make necessary adjustments to keep you updated.

Business continuity is essential for any company. This leads us to consider strategies at this point as something critical that allows us to mitigate risks in case of a one-off event or disaster.

  • It allows identifying weaknesses in the infrastructure, susceptible to incidents, affecting business continuity.
  • It allows to identify the minimum resources necessary for the continuity of business processes.
  • Minimizes system crashes, reducing losses due to unwanted operational interruptions.
  • Minimizes losses due to unwanted operational interruptions.
  • Reduces considerable expenses and economic losses in the event of an incident that affects business.
  • Risk assessment (catastrophes, fire, power failures, organized or deliberate interruptions, system and/or equipment failures, human error, viruses, threats and computer attacks).
  • Business impact analysis.
  • Detailed definition of recovery requirements.
  • Tests and exercises.
  • Ability to protect critical systems to the company.
  • Loss reduction due to incidents.
  • Guarantee the reliability of the reservation systems.
  • Provide a standard for testing the plan.
  • Minimize decisions to make in the event of a disaster.
  • Reduction of possible legal responsibilities.
  • Improve the overall efficiency of the organization and identify the proportion of human and financial resources assets for critical services.


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