Infrastructure Services

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Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure and Support

This service provides technical support to your company's technological infrastructure, separating from total or partial technical responsibility in relation to Sábat Informatics, leaving space to concentrate time on your business.
We solve IT level 1, 2 and 3 inconveniences in both Microsoft and Linux systems, working in the main modality of customer support, as well as working together with the company's computer department, helping to solve high-range incidents. We have the characteristic of good understanding and complementation to different groups of people.

  • IT management disconnected from Sábat, leaving time to meet other business needs.
  • Count on certified IT specialists to manage your systems and solve problems of any nature in the area.
  • Work with proactive and innovative experts to maintain your systems, giving the necessary recommendations on how to improve your infrastructure.
  • Rapid Incident Assistance (SLA)
  • Infrastructure health status reports
  • Dedicated customer specialists

This service provides high quality support, giving the customer the peace of mind that their IT assets will be safe, our attention is especially good in terms of the SLA (level of attention), because, as we handle incidents quickly and dynamically, the objective is ensure that our customers’ systems remain in optimal condition to ensure their daily operation.

Service definition

In the initial stage, the scope of the components that will be included to carry out maintenance and improvements in the infrastructure is defined.

The service is offered both remotely and at the client’s offices. Service times depend on how they are defined when contracting the service.

The Sábat team may be outsourcing or contracting on demand with an associated hour package. In addition, the package hours can be used for general infrastructure checks, providing a weekly and/or monthly report.

Depending on the need, employees with different levels of knowledge will be available.

Backups and security
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